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In a Changing CFPB – Debt Collection Continues

The CFPB as we knew it is changing every day – a new director, a new mission statement, and new areas of focus. Although the CFPB is slowing and reevaluating its enforcement actions and rulemaking procedures, generally, the CFPB’s focus on debt collection practices is continuing. The CFPB announced plans to release this year a […]

Continued Improvement in Loan Performance Anticipated for Non-prime Consumer Segment in Second Half of 2018

As we look ahead to the next half of the year, it is important for auto service providers to understand recent trends among the non-prime consumer segment in order to fine-tune business practices for successful future results. Background: The industry reaches new heights From 2010 to 2015, new vehicle sales grew at a compounded annual […]

Four Foundations of Natural and Nurtured Innovation

I hopped on an international flight recently with the intention of getting through the backlog of books that had been stacking up on my desk. I opened one. It was about innovation. And another. Also about innovation. And a third. Well, you get the point. Innovation is such a hot topic. You might ask 10 […]

The Outlook for Used Vehicle Values

A number of years ago, I helped my oldest daughter with a project for her science class. The assignment involved monitoring short-term weather forecasts and comparing them to the actual outcomes a few weeks later. As a large part of my career has revolved around predicting the future performance of things, I decided to have […]

The Evolving Ecosphere of Consumer Data

Before technology transformed the financial services industry, traditional credit reporting agencies (CRAs) captured mainly traditional credit data on consumers for their databases and solutions. Lenders typically only reviewed this traditional or conventional credit data when evaluating a consumer for a loan. In addition to their mainstay header information (name, date of birth, address and social […]

Get your Credit Program in Shape

In September of every year, the Information Management Network puts on an asset-backed securities conference in Miami Beach, Florida, at the world famous Fontainebleau Hotel. The conference events are fantastic; the hotel is amazing and the beach is truly something to behold. For many years, I attended that conference faithfully in order to support my […]

2030 Auto Time Travel – Take the Survey, Drive the Future

Right now, any one of us might reasonably and accurately predict the future. Say we are talking about paper statements. One day, very soon, they won’t be an option. We see it coming. Getting bill reminders texted to our phones. Typing YES and bills are paid instantly. At some point, service providers will move 100 […]