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Will a Data Warehouse Solve my Data Problems?

Part two – The answer revealed Have you ever completed a word search puzzle by first attempting to find all of the words, and then comparing your list of found words with the one that was provided? Of course you haven’t. The same simple approach applies to solving data problems. You have to truly know […]

Choosing a Lender

by Scott Brackin In the presence of fierce competition and razor thin margins, it’s more important than ever for dealers to look for lenders who are engaged in innovative ways to protect risk, while providing the best in class service levels for the dealership and the consumer. Dealers understand non-prime consumers are on extremely tight […]

Is your GPS Device Really 3G?

By Jeff Karg With 2G GSM towers sun-setting on a weekly basis, coverage for GPS devices on the 2G network is shrinking in areas across the country. If you think this is simply a rumor, just Google “AT&T 2G” and take a look at the top results. On the AT&T website itself you’ll find the […]

Pull the Trigger to Higher Sales

by Denny Long I have heard a story about a dealer in the ‘60s or ‘70s who would perch on top of his dealership with high-powered binoculars recording the license plate numbers of vehicles that were shopping at his competitor’s stores. Back then in his state, you could buy a list of the license plate […]