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To Be Fair, Hit’Em Hard!

Whether you have the absolute right candidate, wrong candidate or just can’t draw a hiring conclusion, try hitting’em hard! Nothing strips away interviewing chaff better than tough poignant questions. Never try to embarrass any candidate and always be respectful, after all, you may be making him or her  a job offer and will want them […]

Sales People : Born or Made?

I’ ll answer that shortly. In the last 20 years, our firm has interviewed and tracked the success, or lack of success, of thousands of sales people in numerous industries. Let me share some findings. Good sales people, the kind that consistently perform above average come in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Do not get caught […]

Interviewing Effectively

Those of us who successfully interview and assess candidates  everyday are results driven, effective and manage to keep it as simple as possible. After all, we are not Maslow, Freud nor Jung. I suspect they may have been subject to hiring misfires themselves! How I start each search: I start each search by asking this […]

6 Elements of a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

by Denny Long We’re all looking for an advertising campaign that just sells vehicles with little or no work.  Unfortunately, it’s unlikely you’ll ever find that program.  It’s a lot of work to convert Special Finance or Buy-Here, Pay-Here leads into sales.  But if you really focus on the individual elements of the lead conversion […]

10 Ways to Increase Sales

by Denny Long First, I wish all of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  Now, I don’t want to start a controversy about whether or not money can buy happiness, but I’m sure if you were able to increase sales you’d be a little happier.  So, let’s get to it with a plethora of […]

The Time to Prepare for an FTC Investigation is Before it Happens

My email mailbox lit up recently with the rumor that the Federal Trade Commission had dropped Civil Investigative Demands (essentially subpoenas) on a number of dealers. The CIDs, said the rumors, dealt with the dealers’ spot delivery practices. Dealers who read Spot Deliveryand who are not doing spot deliveries correctly have no one but themselves to […]