Is your GPS Device Really 3G?

By Jeff Karg
factortrust-200x300With 2G GSM towers sun-setting on a weekly basis, coverage for GPS devices on the 2G network is shrinking in areas across the country. If you think this is simply a rumor, just Google “AT&T 2G” and take a look at the top results. On the AT&T website itself you’ll find the statement, “AT&T has announced plans to sunset its 2G network by approximately January 1, 2017. As AT&T progressively frees up valuable spectrum for its mobile broadband networks, we may conclude that some markets or territories may need to sunset 2G even sooner.”  1

We know that the carrier and its roaming partners has in fact sunset certain markets already and will continue to do so throughout the next 18 months.

automotive-personel-200x300While it is true that T-Mobile is going to continue supporting its 2G network longer than AT&T, the question is: after AT&T’s network is gone, what does the T-Mobile network look like without the ability to roam on AT&T?

Anyone who tells you that 2G is here to stay is, at best, basing their claim on a technicality; one which will not serve you well if you are outside of T-Mobile’s native coverage.

Moving to 3G
Although 2G is not gone yet, the prudent long-term plan is to move to a newer technology, like 3G.  Maybe you are already buying 3G…. or you think you are.

creditmailUnfortunately, many dealers and lenders in the market who thought they were buying 3G GPS devices are actually still, unknowingly, receiving 2G devices. Whether it is a misunderstanding or something more deliberate, many customers of GPS devices have come forward indicating they thought they were buying 3G, when in fact they were not. Consequently, you may want to check the GPS devices you are currently ordering to make sure you are really on the 3G network. By putting it off, you may find yourself in the dark, at a time you least expect, nor can afford. 

It may not be easy to determine which device you are using by just looking at it. However, your device provider should be able to match the model of the device in your hand to certifications that show the device is utilizing 3G technology. This documentation is readily available to your device provider and can easily be given to you. If your device provider is reluctant to supply you with this documentation, there may be a reason.

PassTime, a leading provider of GPS devices is a Verizon Partner Program Member for its GPS devices in the BHPH and sub-prime lending spacing. Its devices utilize Verizon’s 3G network. Documentation of certification of its devices on Verizon and 3G are available upon request.

Should you have any concerns or questions about your device, contact PassTime at 877-727-7846 or

Jeff-Karg-HeadshotpasstimeJeff Karg is the Director, Corporate Communication, at PassTime.