What do Employees look for When Changing Jobs -– and How Can You Benefit?

by Don Jasensky

In the past quarter of a century that I have been recruiting for automotive dealerships, there are the five aspects of candidates’ employment that are brought up most often when looking for a job change:

• Day-to-day work content
• Career visibility/opportunity
• Location
• Compensation
• Security

So how can you use this criteria to your advantage? Find out what is most important to your top candidates and appeal to those needs when reasonable.

factortrust-200x300Case study: We were helping an auto dealer of a very large Ford store. He needed a rock-star service director.  We found three great candidates. Two were from out of town and needed to relocate, and were willing to do so. The dealer was willing to cover relocation expenses. The third candidate lived across town, about an hour commute each way. He did not like the long drive, but did not want to move closer to the dealership.

We suggested to the dealer that he offer the candidate with the one-hour commute the following:

• Salary that was agreeable to all

• Flexible hours – understanding that the service director needed to be there at 6:30 am to open up, but allow the flexibility of leaving early in afternoon sometimes to see his kids’ baseball games, dance recitals – all the things he had been missing his entire career. Keep in mind, “rock star” employees are very hard workers by nature and are not likely to take advantage of this benefit.

• A company car and gasoline. In the grand scheme of things, what is the cost to use a company car and gas compared to the revenue from a huge Ford service center that is run by a “rock star”?

Results: Win-win for the auto dealer and the service director. The ability to occasionally see his daughter’s dance and piano recitals and his sons’ sporting events made him feel so respected and in turn made him the most dedicated employee you could imagine!

Lesson learned: Ask candidates what is most important to them when considering a job change and if at all possible, appeal to those factors when making an offer.

Don-Jasenskyautomotive-personel-200x300Donald Jasensky is the founder and CEO of Automotive Personnel, LLC. It is in its 26th year providing executives, managers , and sales professionals to the automotive finance, aftermarket and automotive dealership industries. 800-206-6964×21, don@automotivepersonnel.co, www.searchpro1.com